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Continental Commons owner disagrees
with Fishkill committee's goals 

To the Editor:

     Fishkill's Comprehensive Plan Committee formed by Supervisor Ozzy Albra (D) is weaponizing zoning to harm my business and prevent me from exercising my property rights.  Who is surprised?  This is the same crew that spent years perpetuating a false narrative that Continental Commons was the site of the largest American Revolutionary War soldiers cemetery.  That effort collapsed because the New York State Supreme Court concluded the allegations were untrue. 

     No one should be surprised about Albra's bogus committee because the Town has so much love of power and such little regard for the truth that, on October 20th they rushed through the adoption of a new Historic Zoning Amendment targeting my property without evidence to support their allegation. 


     Don't buy the argument that this is a balanced committee.  The supervisor appointed Mara Farrell, a Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot (FOFSD) founder, who is a defendant in a civil racketeering case I filed.  It demonstrates that she and others are using the FOFSD to "strangle" and "bleed" me by stopping or delaying my commercial development so as to force the sale of the property for pennies on the dollar. 

     The Town is aware of my lawsuit and the allegations against Ms. Farrell, yet they still appointed her to serve on the committee furthering their anti-Continental Commons objectives.  Farrell's conflict of interest is clear.  I call on Ms. Farrell, and any other member of the Committee affiliated with the FOFSD to step down immediately.   

                                                                                     Domenic Broccoli

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