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The Fishkill Supply Depot Site, a nationally significant historic property, played a vital role in the American Revolutionary War. It may have spanned 10 square miles, stretching from the banks of the Hudson River out into the Town of Fishkill, Village of Fishkill and Town of East Fishkill.


The “Depot”, because of its strategic location with regard to the Hudson River and major roads, the Old Albany Post Road (Later US9) running north-south and the road running east-west (later NY 52 and Interstate 84), quartered thousands of Continental troops, militia, and their families.

The elements of the depot within the 74 acre National Register Site including the Van Wyck Homestead, a storehouse, the main barracks encampment, a blacksmith shop, and what may have been the artillery park have been documented, or concluded on the basis of archeological information, to have been located outside the limits of the Continental Commons property. And, of course, the additional elements of the depot, including additional barracks, hospitals and prisons, are also clearly outside the limits of the Continental Commons property.

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