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Fishkill developer files civil racketeering suit against over 2 dozen people

By News 12 Staff
September 09, 2021

A Dutchess County developer is taking his critics to court.

Domenico Broccoli, developer of the proposed Continental Commons in Fishkill, recently filed a civil racketeering suit against more than two dozen people.

Many are with a group called Friends of Fishkill Supply Depot, who have been vocal opponents of his project.
The RICO lawsuit alleges the group led a fraudulent scheme through wire and mail fraud to block and delay the project.

The suit also claims they trespassed onto the property to plant historical artifacts and knowingly made false statements.

"I want justice, is what I want. I want justice. I want them to return all this money they took from people that donated to this organization, thinking they were donating to a cause when all it was was a scam," says Broccoli.
The Friends of Fishkill Supply Depot tells News 12 it has no comment on this matter.

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