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The Fishkill Supply Depot and Encampment was of tremendous importance during the Revolutionary War. It became a focal point for rallying troops as well as the headquarters for the Commissary and Quartermaster Corps and numerous military officers. Moreover, the depot was the site of numerous important military operations, including a major hospital facility, the meeting place of the Provincial Congress Committee and Convention of Safety, a Committee of Correspondence, and the Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York. 

A ground-breaking new concept, Continental Commons village will embrace and honor the Fishkill Supply Depot and provide visitors a renewed perspective on the meaning of the American Revolution. Located on a small portion of the expansive depot, it will serve as a dynamic, interactive learning experience and complements other attractions in the area. Continental Commons is an exciting opportunity to weave together history, preservation, tourism and commerce.

Unfortunately, the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot are trying to stop Continental Commons with false and purposefully misleading information.  These extremists don't want historic groups to work with Continental Commons to honor our heritage and tell the story of the nation’s founding. Instead of offering the community with a real solution to embrace and honor the Fishkill Supply Depot, the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot push false narratives and ideological arguments with distorted evidence and partial timelines. Get the full story below by reading complete studies on the Continental Commons property.

'20 NYS Supreme Court Decision

Town of Fishkill Archaeology Report

Response to FOFSD Hunter Report

Petitions In Support of Continental Commons

FOFSD Hunter Report

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