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Critics of Continental Commons have falsely stated that archeological studies identified a long-lost soldiers’ cemetery where an estimated 320 soldiers lie in unmarked graves. These same activists report that they have identified 83 Americans, 2 Canadians, and a French soldier believed to be buried at the same spot.


They fabricated both of these statements because, “Having names of folks makes it more real to people when they’re thinking about getting involved and supporting us,” said Lance Ashworth, president of the Friends of the Fishkill Supply Depot.


Critics of Continental Commons routinely ignore essential and well-documented facts. Critics cite military records as their primary source for researching the 86 soldiers who died at Fishkill. However, they don’t mention that during the American Revolutionary War “died at Fishkill” meant a ten square mile area stretching from the Hudson River to East Fishkill. While there is no documentation where these patriots are buried, Continental Commons embraces and honors them.


Critics of Continental Commons create false narratives. Critics tried to create a sense of panic when they misleading stated that building Continental Commons will “forever halt our ability to understand the role of the Fishkill Supply Depot”.


In reality, their have been fourteen studies on the Continental Commons property and the archeological potential has been exhausted. For example, there are other properties within the overall Fishkill Depot, outside the Continental Commons property, which have “considerable archeological potential”, according to the Hunter Report. Just one reference refuting the FOFSD claim that the Continental Commons property is the “last remaining archeological remnant of the depot available for study.”

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