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Our Vision to Celebrate History

Continental Commons is an 18th century colonial village of restaurants, shops, inn, and a living museum. Located near the corner of Route 9 and Interstate 84, it is a spot long considered the gateway to Fishkill and historic Dutchess County.

A ground-breaking new concept, it will embrace and honor the historic nature of its surroundings and provide visitors a renewed perspective on the meaning of the American Revolution. The village will serve as a dynamic, interactive learning experience and complements other attractions in the area. Continental Commons is an exciting opportunity to weave together history, preservation, tourism and commerce.

With a design that integrates architectural features from historically significant buildings in Dutchess County during the time of the American Revolutionary War, the proposal captures the essence of the Fishkill Supply Depot and its importance to our nation.


At Continental Commons, your experience will transport you on an incredible journey back in time as you take part in life during the American Revolution at the Fishkill Supply Depot during the American Revolutionary War.

Soldiers Barrack - Meeting House and Muruem

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